Ria Poynton

Designer Jewellery

About Ria Poynton

As a designer I constantly search for that greater sense of satisfaction, and achievement beyond the last point. It's what keeps me going. I love to work hard and see my work evolve, and that in turn helps me grow and change more.

I graduated from Plymouth University (Exeter) as a three dimentional designer maker and have recently completed a national diploma in jewellery design at Birmingham City University in the Jewellery Quarter.

Throughout my short career so far, my flair and individuality has been recognised and I have won numerous industry awards in both jewellery and furniture 'design and make'.

The concepts and pieces I develop are unique, taking inspiration from daily life. Typically clean designs, simple motifs and technically intricate. I love the challenge of the materials I work with, and adore being a designer maker.


Contact Details

10 Hayslan Green

WR14 2RG

Exhibits at Hartlebury No workshop sessions Studio not open to public